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Empowering Disability Partners is an organization that adopts truly person-centered care using the right level of knowledge, skills, and experience, to maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Choose us for the following reasons:

Empowering Disability Partners is a one-stop-shop for services required for your day to day activities leading you towards health and wellness.

We are one of the leading Australian home care business decided to provide high quality, compassionate, and trustworthy care to our clients. We truly believe that everyone should have access to a caregiver of their choice, specialized care and support, and control over their daily schedule.

Our Mission

Empowering Disability Partners’s mission is to create a society where people lead their life with dignity, equality, and self-determination. We demonstrate respect, passionate, knowledgeable, and excellence filled society.

Our Vision

Empowering Disability Partners envisions creating a society where every people are treated with equality, respect, and dignity. We also help everyone by providing equal opportunities to participate in a public affair where abilities are recognised rather than disabilities.
We adopt truly person-centered care through the right level of knowledge, skills, experience, and mutually beneficial relationships.

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What Makes Us Different From Others ?

Empowering Disability Partners is one of the leading Australian home care businesses with years of experience providing care and services for older people and people with disability.
Below we have listed what makes us different from rest:
  •    We build professionalism and provide quality health care services.
  •    We have trained and highly qualified health care nurses and support workers appointed through academic achievements, research, educational level, and collaborations.
  •    We promote and work under the revised guidelines for home nursing and support workers.
  •    We have trained and appointed our support workers from diverse cultures and countries to learn from each other.
  •    We have qualified nurses and support workers community who are excellent in-home care practice.

What Our Clients Says

Our CareGivers

Our caregivers are trained specifically to provide in-home care.

Merry Desulva

Caregiver for Elders


Take care of Nursing

Merry Desulva

Caregiver for Elders


Take care of Nursing