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Training Support Workers for Care Services

At the Empowering Disability Partners, we have also introduced a wide range of courses for our support workers better to understand a wide variety of high-intensity support services. By completing these courses, the participants will gain better knowledge, and they will also be able to assist the patients through these high-intensity requirements, which are necessary under the National Disability Insurance Scheme plans



Complex Bowel Management

We offer our support workers a Complex Bowel Management course. Complex Bowel Care is a part of NDIS High-Intensity Support Activity, requiring a specialist level of support.

Diabetes Management

Through our Diabetes management course, the participants will support a person in implementing their diabetes management plan and administering medication through injection.

Enteral Nutrition(PEG)

Our Enteral Feeding and Management course will allow the support workers to assist clients reliant on Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding.

Epilepsy & Seizure Management

The Epilepsy and Seizure Management course will allow the support workers to work on people who have seizures. The course also includes information about first aid for seizures.

Medication Awareness

Through this interactive course, the support workers will be able to assist their clients with their medications. Participants will learn about administering medication and about the side effects.

Suctioning and Tracheostomy Management

We help you in traveling and by providing you with support outside your home. In addition, we aid in building your mobility so that you can eventually move independently.

Urinary Catheter

Through this course, the support worker will assist patients who rely on urinary catheters because of urinary incontinence, urinary retention, prostate problems, or surgery.
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