Course Detail

Our Enteral Feeding and Management course will equip the support workers to assist clients reliant on Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding. It is necessary to understand that the client reliant on Nasogasric feeding typically has more complex health issues requiring high-intensity support. Clients who require enteral feeding are primarily people with severe epilepsy, severe dysphagia, complex physical disability, unable to feed themselves, or difficulty communicating.

Course description

Through the course, the support workers will learn about-

  • Infection control and personal hygiene maintenance, especially keeping stoma area clean 
  • Knowledge of the basic anatomy of the digestive system 
  • Introducing food via tube according to the plan
  • Equipment components, function, cleaning, and maintenance procedures
  • Checking that the feeding tube is correctly positioned
  • Monitoring rate and flow of feeding and taking appropriate action to adjust if required
  • Reporting any signs of infection or symptoms that require intervention such as allergic reactions, dehydration, acid reflux
  • Following procedures needed to deal with any malfunction such as blockage of the tube

The course participants will get the opportunity to work hands-on with a range of feeding equipment to improve their practical skills and utilize their learned information.

They can get a Certificate of Achievement upon successfully administering formula and medication through the feeding tube.