Course Detail

The Epilepsy and Seizure Management course will assist the support workers in working with people who have seizures. Support workers do not typically need specialist skills, provided they have a clear understanding of the procedures to follow in seizure episodes. The course also includes information about first aid for seizures.

Course description

Through the course, the support workers will learn about-

  • Different types of seizures, seizure triggers, and ways to prevent them. 
  • Factors that increase risk and appropriate methods of control
  • Identifying and minimizing exposure to seizure triggers.
  • Observing the person and identifying early indicators of seizure, and taking action immediately 
  • Administering epilepsy medication and control procedures
  • Demonstrating the application of first aid such as positioning and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 
  • Training in medication-specific emergency management procedures.


A Certificate of Completion is issued to those who complete the course and administer medication for seizures.