Course Detail

This is an interactive course that helps the support workers to assist their clients with their medications. Participants will learn about safety principles when administering medication, the six rights of medication administration, typical side effects of the medication, and intervention procedures during a medication incident.

Course description

Through the course, the support workers will learn about-

  • The legislative framework for the use of medication 
  • Common types of medicines and their use
  • Various ways of medication administration
  • Roles and responsibilities of the support worker in the administration of medicines to the clients
  • Techniques for administering medication
  • Receiving, storing, and disposing of the medication safely
  • Promoting the rights of the individual when managing medication
  • Indicators of complications or medication incidents that require intervention and understanding when to involve a health practitioner.


The participants can practice administering medicines using a blister pack. All the participants of this course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.