Course Detail

This course will allow the support workers to administer suctioning properly and tracheostomy procedures on patients reliant on tracheostomy to breathe. Workers providing this support require basic first aid skills and knowledge to administer CPR and place a person in a recovery position.  

Course description

Through the course, the support workers will learn about-

  • Following personal hygiene and infection control procedures, especially keeping stoma area clean
  • Cleaning and maintaining suctioning equipment
  • Basic knowledge of the human eliminatory system
  • Equipment types, components, and functions
  • Following procedures to perform routine suctioning to maintain clear airways
  • Monitoring and reporting any abnormal secretions
  • Supporting routine tube tie changes as outlined in the plan and support of an appropriate health practitioner
  • Recognizing and responding to signs of airways obstruction
  • Implementing emergency procedures in case of deteriorating health or infection.
  • indications of the need for suctioning, common complications, and action required


All the participants will have to test their skills on a medical mannequin.

Upon the successful demonstration of suctioning and routine tube tie changing, they will be granted a Certificate of Completion by us.