Course Detail

With the completion of our Urinary Catheters, the support workers can assist patients who rely on urinary catheters because of urinary incontinency (leakage), urinary retention (inability to urinate), prostate problems, or surgery. 

Course description

Through the course, the support workers will learn about-

  • Following personal hygiene and infection control procedures
  • Basic understanding of the urinary system for males and females
  • Replacing and disposing of catheter bags and monitoring health of clients using indwelling and suprapubic catheters
  • Inserting an intermittent catheter (only in case of emergency as this requires high-intensity support and oversight by a health practitioner )
  • Procedures and challenges in inserting catheters in males and females (intermittent catheters only)
  • Maintaining charts/records
  • Monitoring catheter position and skin condition around the catheter
  • Recognising and reporting any blockages, dislodged catheters, signs of deteriorating health or infection. 
  • Common complications associated with using different types of catheters


The participants of this course will get the chance to test their skills using a medical mannequin. 

Once they successfully demonstrate cleaning of the insertion site, emptying and changing the catheter bags, the participants will be given a Certificate of Completion.