How Do ED Partners Assist Its Participants With Daily Life Activities?

The article gives an in-depth understanding of NDIS plans. Read to find about the guidance or help provided by the ED partners on daily life activities.

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which aims at providing monetary help to disabled people based on their needs. Each plan made by an NDIS participant has a list of goals to achieve for which they receive funds. 

The major use of the funds is probably made on purchasing services that help an individual perform daily activities. With registered NDIS care providers like ED Partners, you can ensure quality care and service for people living with a disability. EDP stands for Empowering Disability Partners, whose primary focus is to make an individual living with disability lead an independent life. 

The goals of every individual differ and are of great value to them. It includes participating in local events, performing a job, or being socially active. Thus, NDIS assistance with daily life activities helps them achieve their everyday goals.

What Is Assistance With Daily Life Activities?

NDIS assistance with daily life activities focuses more on assisting people with disability to lead an independent and self-reliant life. The following are the extensive levels of assistance for people with disabilities that provide support in performing daily life activities:

  • Personal service with regular tasks
  • Help with housing responsibilities
  • Assistance with living arrangements in shared housing
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Assistance and Short-Term Accommodation (or respite)

What Makes ED Partners The Best NDIS Care Provider?

support worker and aged participant sharing a fist bump

ED partners understand the difficulties faced by a person due to disabilities. It’s really challenging to proceed with daily life activities in many situations. However, with assistance and a little guidance, these individuals can excel in daily life activities. 

NDIS registered service providers like EDP’s main motive is to enable its participants to lead a better life. 

The EDP support categories backed by NDIS include:

  • Providing support in personal activities (daily based)
  • Transport facilities
  • Assisting in participating in local events or social activities
  • Home renovations
  • Balanced living arrangements
  • Improved relationships
  • Improving standards of living
  • Health and well-being of an individual

Disability Support Services Provided By ED Partners 

ED Partners’ aim has always been to provide quality services and care to people living with a disability. They require assistance in day-to-day activities, which ultimately helps them to lead a more self-dependent lifestyle. 

ED Partners understand that every participant has unique needs. Assistance in certain aspects of everyday life encourages them to become more self-reliant. Hence, we ensure to provide optimal care and services to help our participants achieve little but significant daily goals.

The following points mentioned below are the services provided by the ED partners as an NDIS service provider.:

  • Providing quality service & care
  • Qualified Support Workers 
  • Personalized Approach To Care
  • Free Consultation services
  • Inclusive Environment

ED Partners Provides Assistance Services For Daily Life Activities

Every individual deserves to lead a holistic and self-reliant life. ED Partners, one of the finest disability service providers in Sydney, believes that a disability shouldn’t be a hindrance to an individual’s day-to-day activities.

There are various daily life activities provided by ED Partners. It includes assessment, therapy sessions, and training sessions as a part of NDIS assistance with daily life activities. 

The assistance provided includes both personal and high-intensity personal activities. EDP provides the following daily-assistance services: 

  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Household shopping (groceries)
  • Maintenance of personal Hygiene (bathing & toileting) 
  • Medical assistance and health monitoring
  • Diet planning and preparation
  • Mobility services


ED partners focus on proper commencement of their participant’s goals and ensure quality NDIS assistance with daily life activities. EDP is flexible with appointment dates, visits, and registration. Hence, they are able to cater to the personalized needs of every participant at its core. 

A trusted NDIS care provider can help you formulate a plan that fulfills your wide range of daily needs. ED Partners deeply cares about its participants and delivers professional care and services. This further supports coordination between planning and execution. 

To understand the various different daily activities provided by ED Partners, get in touch with us. Book an appointment to get a free consultation on the NDIS plan & management that best suits your needs. 

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