5 Reasons To Choose ED Partners For Supported Independent Living (SIL) Plans

According to statistical reports, Australia had 18% or 4.4 million disabled people in the year 2020. The term disability shackles one to a lower version of their abilities.

Being dependent on someone for your daily tasks and personal care results in a behavioural decline. And as attested by psychologists, the resultant problem is mental distress, which further lowers their allied health immunity. 

Furthermore, it is difficult to find a home that may cater to the requirements and needs of such patients. The need for a better future and daily living is such that it leads to a baseline reform, namely, the NDIS Plan

Similarly,  SIL Supports ensure an essential passageway and lay down the necessary groundwork.

What Is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

The very essence of quality living lies in being able to live on one’s own terms. Unfortunately, disabled people are known to lose that capacity, leading to a lack of independence, dignity for self, and even positivity. 

But what if one told you that Supported Independent Living or SIL presents the perfect solution? 

Supported Independent Living (SIL) can be defined as a positive package of caregiving and reinforced mental and physical encouragement for disabled patrons. 

The SIL Supports under NDIS Plans assure maximum assistance to the residents in homely quarters to reside as freely and respectfully as possible. Of course, there are several hurdles in the way of appropriate living options.

These hurdles also extend to personal care. But ED Partners is known to be one of the best providers of SIL Services situated in Australia.

There is a life beyond medical ailments and deficiencies.  And NDIS Registered ED Partners take upon those herculean tasks on themselves with utmost care and proficiency.  

It builds upon the groundwork of group homes and support services and aids in the following ways,

1. Community Participation And Group Activities

Disabled People quite obviously comprehend their differences from a normal crowd of people. But, according to Psychologists, this feeling can bring a sensation of agitation or even negativity to the patient. 

Based on peer-reviewed journals, these communications and activities help in the following ways:

  • Increased Mental and Physical Well-being
  • Enhanced sense of exploration in terms of career building and vocational activities
  • Effective purpose of communicating thoughts
  • Reduction of Mental Stress.
  • Amplified sense of companionship and humanity

However, within the walls of community participation and group activities with ED Partners, patrons indulge in a hoard of activities. Group Interactions, Quizzes, and games are all participated in wholeheartedly.  

Apart from these, there are music classes, cooking classes, and gardening activities that will help our patrons to hone their skills. 

2. Qualified Support And Assistance

At EDP, our patrons receive top-notch assistance with support services, daily activities, travelling, amongst others. There is a degree of patron-focused and professional working that our support coordinators ensure. 

More importantly, our diverse community of academically proficient nurses and support workers facilitates smooth communication and a homely feeling away from home. 

3. Training In Daily Skills

One of the main hurdles for disabled people is to go about their daily life functioning. Alongside interactive living arrangements, our patrons receive supervisory assistance with daily activities such as the following:

  • Bathing, cleaning, and hygiene control
  • Groceries and meal planning
  • Tracking medication and regular reminders
  • Friendly interactions and camaraderie building

EDP provides specialized aged care and individual attention, thus allowing for healthy and holistic growth.

4. Flexible And Customised Plans

There is a tendency for Disabled People to feel a loss of control. But within EDP, we tend to remove that feeling. Our Patrons have the opportunity to select their NDIS Plans according to their preferences. 

They can coordinate their living options and even plan their SIL Supports catered to their needs and requirements. 

5. Personalized Care to Patrons

Our Patrons at EDP receive individual care and attention from support workers, much like Specialist Disability Accommodations (SDA). But in this case, with a heightened sense of companionship and warmth.

There is a life beyond medical deficiencies and ailments. Hence, EDP aims to bring you that aura of positivity that has the potential to empower patrons to lead normal lives.

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