Who Is Eligible for NDIS Support?What are the Services and Supports Provided by NDIS?

The NDIS, its eligibility criteria and different support plans available for individuals with disabilities in Australia. ED Partners is here to give you all the information about NDIS and provide NDIS approved disability support services.

What Is NDIS? What Disabilities Are Covered?

National Disability Insurance Scheme, founded on July 1st, 2013, is a scheme of the Australian government to fund and assist people with disabilities relating to

  1. Intellectual
  2. Physical
  3. Sensory
  4. Cognitive
  5. Psychosocial

between the age of 7 and 65. The scheme helps through individualized packages of support to eligible people with disability in many aspects of lives including daily tasks, independence in activities, involvement in the community, employment, and health and wellbeing.

ED Partners is one of the highly-rated NDIS registered Disability Support Service Provider in New South Wales and South Australia.

Who Is Eligible For NDIS Support? Eligibility Criteria For NDIS.

You might be wondering about the eligibility criteria for NDIS support funding. To get the NDIS support, there are some requirements for the participants. Let’s check if you are eligible for disability support by NDIS. The participants have to-

  • live in an area where the NDIS is available
  • meet the residency requirements (be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or Protected Special Category Visa holder)
  • meet the disability or early intervention requirements and
  • be under 65 years of age when the access request is made.

If you are still confused about your eligibility criteria for NDIS funding and support, please book an appointment with ED Partners’ professional NDIS advisors.

Services And Supports Provided By NDIS And Their Funding

There are three NDIS supports funded in the participant’s plan-

  • Core support

NDIS core supportCore Supports help you with daily personal activities, participate in the community, and work towards your goals. The core supports budget is flexible and you can use your funding across any of the four support categories- assistance with daily life, consumables, assistance with social & community participation, transport.

However, sometimes you may not have flexibility in your funding, specifically for transport funding.


  • Capacity-building support

Capacity Building Supports help build your skills to help you pNDIS capacity buildingursue your goals and live more independently. This support budget funding can only be used to purchase approved individual supports that fall within that Capacity Building category.

Support coordination improved living arrangements, increased social & community participation, finding & keeping a job, improved relationships, improved health & wellbeing, improved learning, improved life choices, and improved daily living.

  • Capital support

Capital Supports are used to fund assistive technology, equipment, and home or vehicle modifications like wheelchairs or hand railing installation at homes. Funds within the Capital Supports budget can only be used for their specific purpose and cannot be used to pay for anything else.

Remember ED Partners for support for yourself or your family member with disabilities. Reach out to us to coordinate your disability support services. We are always here to assist you and guide you through your NDIS journey.

You can contact us at info@edpartners.com.au or 1300 110 251.

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