Reasons to Choose ED Partners as Your NDIS Disability Support Service Provider

Empowering Disability Partners is an NDIS Registered organization providing Disability Support Services. We embrace truly person-centric care, using the proper level of expertise, skills, and experience to help our clients lead a more independent life, meanwhile forming a mutually respectful relationship between the service taker and the service provider. Our wide range of NDIS disability care options is there for you to maintain your independence and wellbeing. 

NDIS Registered Disability Support Service Providers in Australia 

Disability support service

One of the main reasons that make us stand out amongst the other NDIS service providers is our comprehensive varieties of NDIS disability support services including assistance with household tasks, support with daily personal activities, assistance with life stage transitions, travel support, employment support, support to help you learn life and living skills, support to enhance your community participation, and many other disability care tailored to your needs.

We focus on people’s strengths and find ways to overcome their weaknesses. We believe that every person should get an equal opportunity to live the life they want and contribute equally to their community as active citizens. Hence, the core mission of ED Partners is to empower our valued clients with disabilities to reach their full potential in personal and professional life and guide them in leading their lives with dignity, equality, and self-determination.

Highest Degree of Professionalism by Qualified Support Workers

Disability Support Service

We completely understand that entrusting a stranger with your future and bringing them into your personal space can be quite daunting. However, ED Partners assures you that we are worthy of your trust, and we greatly value it. We have built our company on strict professionalism and client-centric values. Our team members are trained and highly qualified NDIS health care nurses and support workers appointed through their academic achievements, professional experience, research, and collaborations.

We have selected our support workers from diverse cultures and countries to ensure better communication, understanding, and learning between the client and their support worker.

Client’s Choice and Control Over NDIS Plans

At ED Partners, you are the main focus of the entire process. So, we give you full control of your NDIS support plan. You have complete control over which support service you want, your support assistant, and where you want your service.

Disability Support Service

Your power to exercise choice and control will not only help us connect you to your desired support and support worker, but also push you to take a necessary decision towards an autonomous life.  
We understand that everyone has unique needs, and everyone’s journey is different. We develop personalized support and care plans with your active involvement and participation to design support that caters to your needs.

If you need any assistance in understanding NDIS or coordinating your care plan, Empowering Disability Partners can help you any day anytime. Our NDIS consultants are skilled and trained to guide you through your NDIS journey and deliver exceptional disability support services that can make your life easier and more independent.

You can reach out to us on 1300 110 251 or for a free consultation.

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