What Are The Roles Of NDIS Support Workers?

The NDIS support workers form the core part of a disability service provider as they represent the quality and type of care provided. With qualified and compassionate caregivers, get the finest NDIS registered disability service providers in Sydney with Empowering Disability Partners. Remove the barriers of disabilities and ageing and live the life you want with the excellent support services of EDP. 

As established, the support workers provide various services and execute a lot of roles to ensure delivering quality care to the participants. Let’s now look at the key roles of NDIS support workers:

  1. Assistance with daily activities like personal hygiene activities, medication monitoring, meal planning, and groceries shopping.
  2. High-intensity care and health assistance related to managing diabetes, or ventilation, and wound dressing.
  3. Providing a hand for household tasks like cleaning floors, maintaining gardens, and laundry.
  4. Support you during your transition phases like skill development, job finding, and assist you in future planning.
  5. Offer assistance for understanding NDIS plan management and NDIS home care services.
  6. Help you in travelling with confidence and increase your mobility to get your tasks done.
  7. Support you in learning interpersonal skills like communication and problem-solving and tackling methods.

What Should You Expect From Our NDIS Support Workers?

Everyone has unique requirements and needs, and our support worker’s main duty and responsibility are to help our participants meet those needs.

The following are the several kinds of support and care provided by our support workers:

  1. You can expect highly qualified and experienced NDIS approved carers. They have completed the required courses and training.
  2. They have relevant knowledge of NDIS plan management and assist you in getting all the information regarding support and services offered to NDIS participants.
  3. Our NDIS support workers have a proper understanding of the NDIS code of conduct. 
  4. We aim to support you in achieving your pretensions, provide all the possible emotional support, and give you fellowship. 
  5. They help in transporting you where you need to go whether that be to a club, the croakers or the shops. 

Thus, the disability support services in Sydney aim to help you live your life to the fullest by reducing any hindrance you face in achieving your goals.

What Are The Qualities Of An NDIS Support Worker?

ED Partners believes in providing NDIS approved carers that are more like a friend to you than just personal caretakers.

The following are the qualities of our support caregivers: 

  • Encouraging and warm-hearted
  • Thoughtful and patient
  • Good listeners
  • Respectful and Compassionate
  • Helpful and unprejudiced

NDIS Code Of Conduct For Support Workers

While providing aged care and disability services, support workers follow a proper code of conduct. 

The following rules and etiquettes are practised by our support workers: 

  • Maintaining the privacy of people with disabilities
  • ​Respecting the rights of an individual 
  • Being honest and well dedicated to their work
  • Providing best possible support and services with care
  • Ensuring the safety of people with disabilities
  • Stopping all kinds of violence and misbehaviour 
  • ​Taking all the possible steps to prevent any sexual misconduct

NDIS Courses Offered To Our Support Workers

To ensure you get highly qualified and process NDIS support workers, ED Partners offers a wide range of courses for support workers. These courses help participants to get relevant knowledge and skills. 

Given below are some of the courses provided by ED Partners:

1. Complex Bowel Management

This course helps support workers gain knowledge regarding personal hygiene maintenance and infection control. Besides this, you learn the basic anatomy of the digestive system, symptoms of bowel habit changes, and intervention techniques.

2. Diabetes Management

This course provides basic information regarding diabetes types 1 and 2. NDIS approved carers learn how to record Blood Sugar Levels (BSLs) of the NDIS participants and identify and respond to hypoglycaemic episodes.

3. Enteral Nutrition(PEG)

Participants get information about Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding. This course offers knowledge of introducing food via tube, monitoring rate, and flow of feeding. One learns about equipment components, function, cleaning, and maintenance procedures.

4. Epilepsy & Seizure Management

The course focuses on providing knowledge about different types of seizures. It involves learning about factors responsible for increasing the risk of seizure triggers and ways to prevent them. Proper medication training is provided for emergencies.

5. Medication Awareness

The main focus of the course is to study various meditation techniques for NDIS home care services and safety principles when administering medication and side effects related to them. It also includes maintaining the hydration and nutrition requirements of NDIS participants.

6. Suctioning And Tracheostomy Management

Besides learning about suctioning and tracheostomy procedures on patients reliant on a tracheostomy to breathe, the course also provides knowledge of the human elimination system. It also includes the implementation of emergency procedures in case of deteriorating health or infection.

7. Urinary Catheter

The main purpose of this course is to assist NDIS support workers in helping patients who rely on urinary catheters because of urinary incontinence or urinary retention. It includes an understanding of the basic urinary system, and different types of catheters, and common complications associated with them.


Everyone has the right to live an independent life while overcoming the challenges of their life. Get assistance in understanding NDIS plan management with ED Partners to ensure a life led to its fullest potential despite challenges. 

For providing quality NDIS home care services and ensuring proper care, we offer various courses for support workers to enhance their knowledge.

If you are interested in working with ED Partners, join us as a support worker.

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