NDIS Support & Aged Care Quality Services


Prefer your home to a health care facility?

Empowering Disability Provider is an NDIS approved provider. We aim to provide compassionate, reliable, and the finest care to our members. At EDP, we make sure you get the comfort of your home and the right assistance to lead a confident and independent lifestyle by conducting various engaging activities. We deliver a broad range of services to people with disabilities and the elderly, allowing them to lead a happier and independent lifestyle. Our primary social responsibility is to create an environment where every individual is treated equally and with respect.


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Assistance With Daily Personal Activities

We ensure our patrons live as independently as possible at home. We also take care of personal hygiene activities and supervise everyday chores.
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Assistance With Daily High-Intensity Personal Activities

High intensity assistance means more specialized support for our patrons. Through our dedicated health professionals, we provide all kinds of higher intensity support, including feeding, ventilation, etc.
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Assistance With Everyday Tasks

We assist you in completing daily tasks and also help you develop skills to live independently with time. Our assistance with daily tasks includes participants residing in the same household.
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Assistance With Household Tasks

Our excellent housekeeping service offers you a wide range of tailored solutions for all kinds of home and aged care needs or problems.
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Assistance With Life Stage Transitions

Transitioning to a new stage in life is challenging for everyone. We, at Empowering Disability Partners, support and help NDIS participants through important life stage transitions.
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Assistance With Travel And Transport

We help you in traveling and by providing you with support outside your home. In addition, we aid in building your mobility so that you can eventually move independently.
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Development Of Daily Living And Life Skills

As part of the NDIS plan, we assist you in learning some simple daily activities like meal preparation and some complex ones like doing your taxes.
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Group And Centre-Based Activities

We know the importance of social interactions, so we arrange a wide range of group activities and programs to assist our participants in leading a happy, independent life.
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Innovative Community Participation

We always encourage our participants to push their boundaries and explore new places and ideas. In addition, we help our participants to connect with people outside their family and relatives.
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NDIS Planning And Plan Management

We assist with NDIS planning and management. Our professionals will help you understand, manage and coordinate your plans flexibly and effectively.
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Participation In The Community

We offer community nursing care to patrons who require nursing and personal care services. We also provide NDIS support to help our participants become more sociable.
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Therapeutic Care

Our experienced therapists provide a variety of therapy sessions. Our services are accessible, flexible, and customizable according to our members’ needs and plans.
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Assistance With Household Tasks

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Assistance With Life Stage Transitions

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Assistance With Travel And Transport

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For Support Workers

Applying candidates must –
• Be available to work across different shifts, including on weekends.
• Comfortable with high-intensity personal care such as bathing, bowel care, urinary catheters, etc
• Have a valid driver’s license, comprehensive car insurance, and own motor vehicle.
• First Aid Certificate or willing to obtain one if required.
• Cert III in disability or relevant work experience
• NDIS worker screening.
• Positive and energetic attitude towards every task


For Clients

We deeply understand the struggles of aging and people with disabilities. Hence, we go far beyond just providing a carer. We ensure your safety and cater to your daily needs. Our team undergoes rigorous background checks and personal interviews. We believe that home care in Australia should be accessible to everyone, without any barriers. We offer exceptional value for your money with services that are also flexible according to your needs. We are also an approved NDIS provider.

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An NDIS service provider is an individual or organisation that offers services and support to NDIS participants. The NDIS provides person-centred care, allowing participants to create their own NDIS plan, outlining their goals, aspirations and the necessary support they require. Once approved, participants can choose their preferred NDIS service providers to deliver the requested support.

Choosing an NDIS service provider requires careful consideration to receive the best support that aligns with your needs and goals. Contact the providers you are interested in to learn more about their services, experience and approach to support. Consider providers who have experience working with participants with similar needs to yours.

As it’s also important to feel comfortable with your NDIS partner, read reviews and testimonials from previous recipients and arrange face-to-face or virtual meetings to ensure the right match.

The NDIS supports people with disabilities in Australia by providing funding for a wide range of services and support that can be tailored to the needs or goals of the individual. Taking a person-centred care approach, the NDIS empowers participants with choice and control over the support they receive. Participants can choose their preferred NDIS partner and decide how their funding is allocated to meet their specific needs and aspirations.

This is a difficult question to answer, as the success rate for NDIS participants will depend on their individual experience. However, due to the efforts of the NDIS, greater funding and assistance have been provided to individuals who may not have previously received adequate support.

Many participants have also reported improved quality of life due to the support and services received through the NDIS, from increased independence to greater social interaction and better access to assistive technology and therapies.