Disability Support for High-Intensity Personal Activities

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People with disabilities require two levels of support in their day-to-day life: standard and high intensity. High intensity means specialized support.

Our disability care services provide you with skilled and experienced care workers who help our members with their high-intensity needs. In addition, our dedicated health professionals assist with all levels of higher intensity support needs.

Here are some of how we assist you with high intensity aged and disability care:

If you need assistance with any of the above-listed services, talk to ADSA representatives. We are one of the Australia disability services that provide and assign you a support worker best suited for you and your needs.


High-intensity support through NDIS is all about providing specialised care for those with significant needs. Our care workers are there to help manage complex conditions like diabetes, assist with feeding and handle high-requirement medical tasks, such as using ventilators or managing tracheostomy care. They are equipped with the necessary skills and understanding to cater to each person’s unique health needs.

Individuals with disabilities that require more specialised care can benefit from high-intensity personal activity support. This service is particularly important for those with complex medical conditions or requiring detailed daily care.

Moreover, this level of support is helpful for elderly individuals who need more intensive care than what standard support offers. They may face age-related health challenges, like reduced mobility, chronic health conditions or cognitive impairments. High-intensity support for the elderly can accommodate these specific needs, providing personalised and attentive care to enhance their daily living experience and ensure their safety and well-being.

Yes, Empowering Disability Partners ensures that the care workers providing NDIS support for the elderly and individuals with disabilities are both skilled and experienced. They can handle complex medical and personal care needs efficiently and compassionately.

Eligibility for high-intensity support in the NDIS depends on your specific needs. If you’re dealing with challenges like diabetes management or require specialised care, you may qualify. We suggest a chat with an ADSA representative for personalised advice.

To apply for high-intensity support under the NDIS for you or an elderly family member, book an appointment with us. We’ll sit down with you or your family member to understand your needs thoroughly. We guide you through the NDIS application process, ensuring the support we provide is perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.

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