Services Details

Assistance With Daily Personal Activities (High-Intensity)

For your information; there are basically two levels of support that a person needs with their daily activities. One is standard and higher intensity.

Higher intensity means specialized supports. It requires more skilled or experienced support workers.We provide all three levels of higher intensity supports. We have all skilled and qualified staff members that deliver the supports to clients.

    Below are the listed high intensity daily personal activities that Empowering Disability Partners help you with:

    •    Managing diabetes
    •    Assistance with injections
    •    Feeding
    •    Management of daily activities
    •    Ventilation
    •    Wound dressing and management
    •    Urinary catheters
    •    Complex tracheotomy care
    •    Complex Bowel Care

    Enjoy your work and return to a well-maintained and freshly cleaned home. Our services are familiar for people with disability and older adults as well.

    So, you are a working person, having many duties besides home and family, call us, we will take care of your responsibilities.