Services Details

Assistance With Daily Tasks In Group

Empowering Disability Partners are ready to assist you with supervising tasks of your daily life. We help your focus on developing the skills of the individuals to live independently.

Our assistance with daily tasks in the group can include participants living in the same household or living in a host family arrangement. The activity can take place in a group living situation that is either ongoing on temporary.
We help in:

    • Maintaining a safe environment
    •    Communication
    •    Working and playing
    •    Sleeping
    •    Personal Cleaning
    •    Dressing
    •    Eating and Drinking
    •    Eliminating
    •    Movement and Mobility
    •    Ambulating

    Enjoy your work and return to a well-maintained and freshly cleaned home. Our services are familiar for people with disability and older adults as well.

    So, you are a working person, having many duties besides home and family, call us, we will take care of your responsibilities.