Services Details

Assistance With Household Tasks

We provide a range of tailored solutions for all kinds of home care and aged care needs. Our Housekeeping Services are excellent, and we serve at a very reasonable price. If you are looking to shed the burden of your housework, then remember us.

    General Cleaning:
    •    Floors
    •    Mopping
    •    Vacuuming
    •    Cleaning surrounding areas
    •    Sweeping balconies
    •    Garden maintenance
    •    Regular cleaning of appliances such as Fridge and Oven
    •    Checking of your food and beverages; Removal of your expired foods
    •    Washing, ironing, and managing your clothes
    •    Changing of bed linens and towels
    •    General Chores

    Enjoy your work and return to a well-maintained and freshly cleaned home. Our services are familiar for people with disability and older adults as well.

    So, you are a working person, having many duties besides home and family, call us, we will take care of your responsibilities.