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Assistance With Life Stage Transitions

Transitioning to a new life stage is always challenging for everyone, so, it is even more challenging for the people with disability. It becomes quite hard to handle everything.

At Empowering Disability Partners, we help NDIS participants though life stage transitions. The most important transitions parts start while starting schooling and leaving home. It can also be getting the first job or retiring from the career.

However, with planned approaches, one can be benefitted with each of these stages. But before planning, one’s abilities, needs, and goals should be checked.

Join us to properly plan and network your life transitions and make us a part of your life to achieve your goals.We offer both short and long term support that focuses on the assistance you need at home and community participation. We also help you coordinate your support that includes:

    •    Assistance with accommodation
    •    Peer support
    •    Mentoring
    •    Individual skill development
    •    Support connection and coordination
    •    Planning
    •    Assistance with decision making

    One of the most important and common life transitions is finding or adjusting to a new job. You can gain employment while you are on the NDIS and our highly professional and supportive team will help you, from improving your skills to applying for a job or even at your interviews.

    •    We can identify your skill strengths.
    •    We work on your strengths and weakness.
    •    We create a strategy to build up the best of your ability.
    •    We can help you with your resume and cover letter writings.
    •    We can improve your interpersonal skills, confidence, and interview skills.
    •    We help you gain more independence and confidence.