Services Details

Assistance With Travel And Transport

Travel and transport assistance enable people with disability to access support outside their home and achieve their plan.

So, with us, we access you with supports outside your home and help you achieve your plans’ goals. We help you with your daily tasks and needs so that you can live a sustainable life. We assist you through travel so you can increase your mobility and do your things done.

    •   We support your travel goals and help you become independence which is our main priority.
    •    Empowering Disability Partners will help you:
    •    Build your mobility so that you can move independently and achieve your every day goals
    •    Help you complete your important tasks
    •    Confidence buildup
    •    Increase your independence
    •    Learn to use public transport
    •    We take up for grocery shopping
    •    Visit your nearby park or library
    •    Help you attend your appointments
    •    Community participation like attending events or groups
    •    Visit your local chemist to pick your prescriptions