Services Details

Group And Centre-Based Activities

Empowering Disability Partners has arranged a wide range of activities and programs to assist participants in leading a happy life. It is essential to be a part of social inclusion and interaction programs.

Knowing the importance of social interactions, we help our participants find their special place in life, where they feel comfortable, respected, and valued.

Empowering Disability Partners have many activities and groups to promote such surroundings. We are facilitated by workers who encourage participants to engage in activities independently.

    We have the following activities:

    •    Music
    •    Cooking Skills
    •    Kitchen ideas
    •    Games
    •    Arts and Crafts activities
    •    Gardening
    •    Fruit paint stamping

    Enjoy your work and return to a well-maintained and freshly cleaned home. Our services are familiar for people with disability and older adults as well.

    So, you are a working person, having many duties besides home and family, call us, we will take care of your responsibilities.