Services Details

Innovative Community Participation

Empowering Disability Partners helps people with disability to connect with people outside their family members and relatives. We conduct a series of creative activities in the group or community level so that everyone would get connected in a fun manner.

Along with this, they would also be engaged in social activities that would promote social interaction and community participation.

We are also linked with other groups that share the same motto. So, we will help you innovate with the community where you can improve your social skills. We provide community participation services like:

    •    Attending concerts
    •    Going to movies or sports events
    •    Shopping
    •    Getting involved in swimming
    •    Participate in low-impact sports
    •    Learning how to use public transport

    Enjoy your work and return to a well-maintained and freshly cleaned home. Our services are familiar for people with disability and older adults as well.

    So, you are a working person, having many duties besides home and family, call us, we will take care of your responsibilities.