Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our Commitment

We Create An Atmosphere Of Belongingness

Our supported independent living programs are designed to help our specially-abled members get the utmost care and attention. As NDIS registered service providers, we work towards ensuring that our patrons get only the finest care and support services.

We recognize the unique needs of our patrons and offer personalized services as per their requirements. Through our Supported Independent Living programs, we offer our participants 24 x 7 private support and care. We extend our services to participants living independently as well as in groups. Apart from this, our support services can also be availed from the comfort of your home, as per your needs.

Have a question about Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funded assistance provided to specially-abled individuals.  As NDIS defines, SIL is the support/care a person needs for performing their day-to-day chores to live as independently as they desire. 

The services included under SIL are typically 24/7 on-call assistance from expert staff that focuses on developing the participant’s skills to help them live independently at their own/shared home. The SIL funding pays for the support staff who provide this assistance.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a great way for specially-abled people to live an independent life with some assistance from SIL providers. Individuals can use SIL to get help from the support staff to do daily household duties like cooking or personal care tasks like bathing or even doing them for you.

To help people with dependency, EDP is dedicated to providing SIL with  24/7 support to the participant in completing their daily tasks and living a joyful life with confidence.

Home is the space of your own that provides you comfort and peace, and we at EDP work to ensure that you get the home-like feeling with the finest support and care you need.

EDP provides you with the prime SIL services and experience that helps you in 

  • Becoming more independent in doing your duties and chores
  • Making new friends and developing social skills
  • Finding more opportunities with new skills you learn
  • Living with freedom, love and support
  • Believing in self and building new confidence

We Deliver These Services

1. Community Participation

  • Help patrons become more social 
  • Help engaging in community activities
  • Help with various community interactions

2. Cooking & Shopping

  • Assistance in planning and preparing meals
  • Help with grocery shopping
  • Help while visiting malls and shopping centers

3. Assistance With Finance Management

  • Help with financial planning
  • Offer assistance with NDIS plans
  • Assistance with budgeting

4. Personal Care And Grooming Services

  • Assistance with grooming
  • Help with personal hygiene activities 
  • Help with feeding 

5. Travel Assistance

  • Assistance to meet friends
  • Help in using public transport
  • Assistance with mobility and transferring

6. Daily Skills Training

  • Assist in filing your taxes
  • Help with social skills
  • Help with interpersonal skills
  • We provide you with a 24/7 support system with supervision, security and safety.
  • Help in managing money and budgeting
  • Managing medical appointments and attending
  • Personalised plans to help you accomplish your goals
  • Customised plans to fulfil your needs and requirements
  • Access to social and community activities
  • Assistance with travel and accommodation
  • Assistance in managing challenging behaviours
  • Support in daily skills training

SIL Vacancies Available