How To Maximize Your NDIS Budget?

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Deliberating on how you can plan an NDIS budget effectively? Here’s the step by step guide to maximizing your NDIS funding as per your need.

What Are The Types Of NDIS Support Budgets?

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A person living with a disability has various needs that vary from day-to-day needs to career-oriented needs. NDIS funding provides a support system to fulfill all your needs. NDIS support budgets are divided into three types, and each support budget has distinct features. In each support budget, there are various categories. The different budgets have […]

5 Things To Consider While Choosing An NDIS Care Provider In Australia

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There are various NDIS care providers in Australia, and finding the right NDIS care provider might seem tricky and an extensive process. Moreover, understanding how these caretakers work and help the disabled is necessary to provide the service best suited to your needs.  The NDIS helps the disabled by providing qualified and experienced support workers. […]

15 NDIS Support Categories For The Aged And People With Disabilities

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At Empowering Disability Partners we believe in giving our patrons the option to choose and control their NDIS plans. We are registered NDIS providers and assist our aged and people with disabilities with the finest support services.  Our support plans are people-centric. We help you participate in the community and with your education. We also […]

How Do ED Partners Deliver The Finest NDIS Care Services?


A disability often becomes a serious challenge for a person to sustain their daily living. Moreover, due to restricted movements and difficulties in carrying out day-to-day activities, people who have disabilities face many disadvantages on their side. At ED Partners, we recognize and acknowledge the difficulties that people with disabilities face. That’s why to help […]