COVID-19 And People With Disabilities

Covid disabilities

Are people with disabilities more at risk of getting infected with COVID-19? No and Yes. ED Partners is here to inform you about how individuals with disabilities are affected by COVID-19, and how to safeguard yourself or your family members with disabilities against the virus. COVID-19 And Its Effects On Individuals With Disabilities To make […]

Who Is Eligible for NDIS Support?What are the Services and Supports Provided by NDIS?

NDIS support plans

The NDIS, its eligibility criteria and different support plans available for individuals with disabilities in Australia. ED Partners is here to give you all the information about NDIS and provide NDIS approved disability support services. What Is NDIS? What Disabilities Are Covered? National Disability Insurance Scheme, founded on July 1st, 2013, is a scheme of […]

Reasons to Choose ED Partners as Your NDIS Disability Support Service Provider

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Empowering Disability Partners is an NDIS Registered organization providing Disability Support Services. We embrace truly person-centric care, using the proper level of expertise, skills, and experience to help our clients lead a more independent life, meanwhile forming a mutually respectful relationship between the service taker and the service provider. Our wide range of NDIS disability […]