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Disability Care Services

Live the life you want to and do the things you love doing. We are here to support you in living the life you choose. Your wellbeing and independence are what matters the most to us.


Your ABILITY is greater than your DISABILITY.


It’s not our DISABILITIES, it’s our ABILITIES that count!



Why choose us?

We understand the struggles of ageing, and go beyond just providing a carer.

✔  We care deeply about your safety

All of our team members undergo rigorous background checks and personal interviews so you can have peace of mind, knowing you or your loved one is in safe hands. Our experienced carers perform their duties with dedication and great attention to detail. We appreciate your feedback on our services, as we continually strive to improve what we do.

✔  We offer fantastic value.

Home care in Australia should be accessible by everyone. Given the quality of our home care and the experience of our individual carers, we offer exceptional value for your money. Every dollar will be put to good use to ensure you are completely satisfied with our care. Everyone only pays for a plan that suits them. You will never pay for something you don’t need.

✔  Our services are government funded

We are an approved Aged Care and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. This means a lot of our services is covered by NDIS funds and Home Care Packages. If you’re not sure how to access these government funded services, we can guide you through the process.

✔  Our care is flexible to suit your individual needs

We know that it’s important to schedule your care at a time that suits you, so we offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to our appointments, domestic services, and other in-home services. We also offer you the chance to book your services online.

What We Offer

Listed below are the services provided by Empowering Disability Partners under various NDIS support budget plans.

  • Assistance With Daily Personal Activities
  • Assistance With Daily Personal Activities (High-Intensity)
  • Assistance With Daily Tasks
  • Assistance With Household Tasks
  • Assistance With Life Stage Transitions
  • Assistance With Travel And Transport
  • Development Of Daily Living And Life Skills
  • Group And Centre-Based Activities
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • NDIS Planning And Plan Management
  • Participation In The Community
  • Therapeutic Care


NDIS providers are registered with the NDIS and meet the strict government quality and safety requirements to be eligible for providing different support services under NDIS.

There are some eligibility criteria that you need to meet to be eligible for NDIS. You must be aged between 7 and 65, live in Australia, be an Australian Citizen, or Permanent Visa holder, or Protected Special Category Visa holder and you must have a permanent and significant disability to be eligible for NDIS services.

We provide various support services, including assistance with household tasks, personal care, group activities, travel and transport services, assistance with life stage transitions, group, and center-based activities, life and living skills programs, and therapeutic care services. Our services are not only limited to personal care, but it incorporates other wider dimensions such as community engagement and NDIS planning and plan management.

You can use your NDIS funding for various supports depending on your individual support plan and your eligibility. You may be eligible to get funding for assistance with personal care, transport services, the equipment you need, therapies, employment support, vehicle modification, community participation, domestic chores, and many other support services. However, your support plan and what services you are eligible for greatly determine how you can use your NDIS funding.

Kindly, contact one of our support team and our team members are there to assist you with your queries. We will arrange a meeting with you and your carers and understand your needs and requirements. We will guide you throughout the process and coordinate the best possible services for you. Your choice and independence are what we value the most.


What Our Clients Say’s

Nishu Shrestha

Highly recommended NDIS provider.

Subekshya Karki

Highly professional NDIS providers with genuine attitude of caring.

Gracy Maharjan

NDIS provider with good feedback. Highly recommended.

Nirjana Khatri

Great staff with endless opputunity of Training and growth in NDIS sector.

Pramisha Paudel

NDIS Service provider with vast knowledge. Highly professional and recommended.

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