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Empowering Disability Partners

Best NDIS Registered Support Providers in Australia

Empowering Disability Partners is an organization that adopts a truly person-centric care, using the right level of knowledge, skills, and experience, to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between a client and a support assistant.

We focus on people’s strengths and find ways to overcome their weaknesses. We believe that every person should get equal opportunity to live the life they want and contribute equally to their community as active citizens.

Our team can assist to pave a path to lead a life of dignity and independence. 

Our Steps

How It Works


Empowering Disability Partner’s core mission is to empower our customers with disabilities to reach their full potential in personal and professional life and assist them in leading their lives with dignity, equality, and self-determination.


We envision a society where every individual with a disability is treated with respect and dignity, and they are viewed as an equal contributor to the community.


Assist our clients in every way possible to lead a comfortable and independent life. Guide the participants in day-to-day activities so that they can do them on their own.


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What Makes Us Different From Others ?

We are one of the leading Australian NDIS support providers with years of experience providing care and support to people with disabilities. 

Below we have listed what makes us different from the other support providers:

  • We have built our company on strict professionalism and client-centric values. 
  • Our team strives to provide excellent health care services.
  • We promote and work under the revised guidelines for home nursing and support workers.
  • Our team members are trained and highly qualified health care nurses and support workers appointed through their academic achievements, professional experience, research, and collaborations.
  • We have selected our support workers from diverse cultures and countries to ensure better communication, understanding, and learning between the client and their support worker.
  • Our qualified support assistants possess excellent in-home care practice.


Let us show you how our support services can benefit you and your family and how our support workers can assist you in leading a comfortable and independent life.

What Our Clients Say’s

Nishu Shrestha

Highly recommended NDIS provider.

Subekshya Karki

Highly professional NDIS providers with genuine attitude of caring.

Gracy Maharjan

NDIS provider with good feedback. Highly recommended.

Nirjana Khatri

Great staff with endless opputunity of Training and growth in NDIS sector.

Pramisha Paudel

NDIS Service provider with vast knowledge. Highly professional and recommended.